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ActiveAttributes is an AOP framework implemented in C# that provides facilities to intercept method calls. CustomAttributes derived from abstract classes MethodInterceptionAspectAttribute, or PropertyInterceptionAspectAttribute provide predefined join points and can be applied to methods, or properties respectively:

public class DomainClass
  public virtual void MyMethod(string arg)
    // some code

  public virtual string MyProperty { get; set; }

public class MethodAspectAttribute : MethodInterceptionAspectAttribute
  public override void OnIntercept (IInvocation invocation)

public class PropertyAspectAttribute : PropertyInterceptionAspectAttribute
  public override void OnInterceptGet (IInvocation invocation)

  public override void OnInterceptSet (IInvocation invocation)

An object of type IInvocation is passed for each join point. It includes members for proceeding the intercepted method, and get/set context information:

// Proceeding an intercepted method

// Get the argument list
var args = invocation.Context.Arguments;

// Override the first argument
invocation.Context.Arguments[0] = "new string argument";

// Get the methodInfo of the intercepted method
var methodName = invocation.Context.MethodInfo;

// Get the instance related to the intercepted method
var instance = invocation.Instance;

Also, ActiveAttributes provides a basic pointcut language, enabling a developer to pointcut multiple target members based on their namespace, type, and signature:

// pointcuts all targets within MyNamespace
[DomainAspect(IfType = "MyNamespace.*")]

// pointcuts all targets within MyType
[DomainAspect(IfType = typeof(MyType)]

// pointcuts all void methods without arguments
[DomainAspect(IfSignature = "void *()")]

// pointcuts all methods starting with 'Get'
[DomainAspect(IfSignature = "* Get*(*)")]

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